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Read all about The Pawsitively Pampered Pet

By Nancy DuPont

From The Montclarion

December 10, 1999

Heidi Kistler, owner of the Pawsitively Pampered Pet in Oakland, California has been selected as the 1999 Pet Sitter of the Year.  This national honor is considered to be the highest acknowledgment of pet care providers within the pet sitting industry.

Quoted from the World of Professional Pet Sitting (May/June 99): "Heidi is a million steps beyond your average pet sitter," client Susannah Breslin raves.  "Her dedication, warmth, commitment and generosity are an ideal example for all other pet sitters.

Heidi, who started her business just over two years ago will receive a life-time membership to PSI and she received free registration and round trip air fare to the 1999 Quest for Excellence Convention held in New Orleans in September, 1999.  She also received $500 from The IAMS Company who has been a sponsor of Pet Sitter of the Year since 1995.

Heidi graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1995 with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology.  She knew she wanted to start her own business but hadn't decided on a vocation.  The idea of pet sitting was conceived during a brain storming session with a friend.  The Pawsitively Pampered Pet was born on March 1, 1997.  She began by caring for pets of family and friends and quickly built her business through word of mouth references. Her first year in business she worked 365 days without a day off!  The services she offers include daily drop-ins, overnighters and mid day dog walks.

Heidi has assisted in development of The East Bay Pet Sitter's Network, a group of local pet sitters who meet monthly.  She is an avid supporter of the Friends of Oakdale Shelter.  She says, "I am working to develop community awareness because I believe F.O.T.O.S. is helping our beloved animal friends have a better life."  Heidi is trained in pet first aid and is currently studying various alternative health practices for animals, such as touch therapy.

Montclair Woman Wins 1999 Pet Sitter of the Year Award

From Cat Fancy Magazine

December 1999

Heidi Kistler, owner of The Pawsitively Pampered Pet in Oakland, Calif., won  recognition as the 1999 Pet Sitter of the Year.  Colleagues and clients nominated her for the award, sponsored by Pet Sitters International, based in King, N.C. (

Kistler's advice to pet owners during the holiday and new millennium season: "Don't go anywhere." 

She really doesn't mean that.  But she is concerned about pet owners' last-minute calls and lack of of planning that often result in undue stress on pets and pet sitters.  To make this holiday season a joyous one for all, Kistler suggests these steps when hiring a pet sitter.

    * Check with veterinarians and friends for recommendations. "Reputation is everything," she says.

    * Be sure the pet sitter has insurance and bonding.

    * Be clear about your cat's special needs.  Not every sitter is comfortable with every situation.

    * Ask if they are trained in first aid procedures.

    * Insist on a written contract that sets forth your specific expectations and their fees.

    * Give reasonable notice -- at least a week or two before you leave.

    * Give the pet sitter's name to your veterinarian and security system company.  Let the veterinarian know the pet sitter can authorize an emergency procedure should the need arise.  Advise of all feeding, medical and alarm instructions, and provide a written statement of your health-care wishes in the event of an emergency.

    * Let the pet sitter know if anyone else will be entering the home during your absence.  Make sure no one else feeds or medicates your cat.

    * Leave a phone number where you can be reached, plus the number of a relative or friend.

    * Remember, you're handing over the keys to your home and the care of your pet to a stranger.  If your reaction is not positive when you first meet the pet sitter, try to arrange a second meeting.  If you still have doubts, find another one.

When You're Away...

Pet-sitting Kistler is an Award Winner

Pet-sitter working for the lucky dogs (and cats) of city

By Christina Engelbrecht

Hills Newspapers

May 28, 1999

Congratulations to Pet Sitter of the Year, Heidi Kistler, owner of the Pawsitively Pampered Pet in Oakland.

The award, established by Pet Sitters International in 1995, is the highest possible honor in the professional pet sitting industry.  Kistler won for her efforts to improve shelter conditions through the Friends of Oakdale Animal Shelter.  She also donated her time to the local placement agency and fostered puppy foundlings before finding homes for them.  She spends her free time counseling people on the responsibilities of pet ownership and creating a network of area pet sitters.

As if that wasn't enough, Kistler has organized pet sitters for a self-defense course, animal first aid classes and grief therapy sessions for loss of a pet.  Her newsletter for clients continually passes on important information on pet ownership. She's purr-fect!

Heidi resides in the Montclair District of the Oakland Hills with her three male dogs, Nalu, Buster and Smokey, and her three female cats, Thistle, Mopsey and Spike.  In what little free time she has, she likes to go hiking on the coast with her boyfriend, Ryan, and enjoys cross-country skiing in the mountains of Northern California.

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