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Why Hire a Petsitter?

  1.   Your pet will be less stressed by staying in its own environment.

  2.   Maintain your pet’s routine (i.e. feeding, exercise, etc)

  3.   Individual TLC for each animal.

  4.   I make your home look lived in = Reduced chance of break in/theft.


DAILY DOG WALKS  Midday potty breaks and exercise for your dogs while you are at work.

PAMPERING for your dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit, etc. while you are away on business or vacation.

SOCIALIZATION of your new puppy or kitten.  It is very important to start this early in life.


MAIL/NEWSPAPER/PACKAGE RETRIEVAL enables you to continue service without alerting others of your departure.

CRIME DETERRENT ACTIVITIES  Examples include switching lights, opening/closing blinds, putting out garbage and returning cans.

PET TAXI to your vet, groomers, etc.

Contact Info

3536 Wisconsin St

Oakland, Ca 94619



Request Service

Please call me at 510-336-9861 if you would like to become a Pawsitively Pampered Pet client.  Please include your name, area of where you live, phone numbers (home, cell, work... it is necessary for me to talk live with new clients to discuss specifics), what type of pet(s) you have and dates of service. 

I look forward to meeting you and your pets.

Heidi Kistler

PPP is a referral agency.

The Pawsitively Pampered Pet

A full service pet and home care company serving the East Bay since 1997.

Winner of the industry’s most prestigious award: “Pet Sitter of the Year”, 1999

by Pet Sitter International

Areas of Service

  Most areas of  Oakland 

  1.   Montclair

  2.   Rockridge

  3.   Lake Merritt

  4.   Piedmont

  5.   and some places in between

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