PPP Statistics


Since PPP has started, there have

been approximately…

  1. Bullet175,000+ dog walks (that’s 90,000 miles walked)

  2. Bullet131,400+ cats visits (that is probably 10 pounds of fur I have inhaled)

  3. Bullet197,100+ litter boxes scooped

  4. Bullet350,000 doggie poop bags

  5. BulletAlmost 550,000 poop bags used for dog and cat clean up

  6. Bullet1200 hours of initial client consultations (equaling 50 full days of my life)

  7. Bullet1100+ dogs who have become my friends* (remarkable, I have only been bit 2 times)

  8. Bullet1500+ cats who have either snuggled up, hissed, hid or ignored me

  9. Bullet10,000+ hair ball, vomit, diarrhea clean ups

  10. Bullet100+ visits on Christmas day and the day after

  11. BulletAverage workday 12+ hours 6 days a week (15+ hours on holidays 7 days a week)

  12. BulletWorked literally everyday my first two years

  13. BulletI have walked a two-pound yorkie verses a 200lb mastiff (two of them actually!) I have cared for homes with 60+ cats.  I even had a man call with an estimated figure of 125 cats (I turned him away)!  I have cared for chinchillas, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, other reptiles, birds (one who used to sing ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’ without missing a word), and even hissing cockroaches!!  My husband loves the story of the two guinea pigs that have their own acupuncturist.

Many of you have been with me since the start.  Your then puppies have matured and are now slowing down.  Some of your cats have hit 20 years old!  They have all taught me so much…stop and definitely smell the flowers in the spring, slow down-no need to rush through our walk at top speed, sit on the couch and pet me-my barfed up dinner can wait, snuggle and give as many hugs and kisses as you can, and accept them in return (a little slobber never hurt anyone!).  My life has been enriched and touched by each and every one of you (both human and animal).

Excerpted from PPP’s Fall Newsletter, 2008:

The Pawsitively Pampered Pet’s 12-year anniversary.  And another shocking milestome was discovered: my 1200th client.  This got me thinking, “How many dogs have I walked? How many cat boxes have I scooped?”   Below you will find some estimated PPP stats.

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